The RIMS Research Information Management System was developed by the Kenyan government to expedite Licence application process for researchers at the same time improving the efficiency and transparency of the entire research permit application process.




Applicants must apply online through the NACOSTI website or and must upload the following.

  1. Passport size photo
  2. Scanned ID/Passport
  3. Affiliation letter from relevant local institution for foreigners
  4. Research proposal
  5. Introductory letter for students
  6. Letter of Ethical Approval from a NACOSTI accredited ethics review committee  (where applicable)List of Accredited IERC Institutions
  7. Evidence of payment as the last page of the uploaded proposal


  1. The Licence is valid for the proposed research, site and specified period.
  2. Both the Licence and any rights thereunder are non-transferable.
  3. NACOSTI may monitor and evaluate the research .
  4. The Licensee shall report to relevant government offices in the area of research before commencement
  5. Excavation, filming and collection of specimens are subject to further permissions from relevant government agencies.
  6. The Licence does not give authority to transfer research materials.
  7. The Licensee shall submit one hard copy and upload a soft copy of their final report within one year of completion of the research.
  8. NACOSTI reserves the right to modify the conditions of the Licence including its cancellation without prior notice.

Category of Research EAC Countries Kenyan Citizens Non Africa Rest of Africa
Student Attachment undergraduate or diploma KES 100 KES 100 USD 150 KES 200
Research (Masters) KES 1,000 KES 1,000 USD 350 KES 2,000
Research (PhD) KES 2,000 KES 2,000 USD 400 KES 4,000
Individual Post Doctoral KES 5,000 KES 5,000 USD 500 KES 10,000
Commercial/Market Research KES 20,000 KES 20,000 USD 10,000 KES 40,000
Public Institutions - KES 10,000 - -
Private Institutions - KES 20,000 - -
Companies - KES 20,000 USD 10,000 -


Kenya Shillings Account

Bank: Kenya Commercial Bank
Branch: Kipande House
Account Name: National Commission for Science, Technology and Innovation
Account Number: 1104162547
Swift Code: KCBLKENX
Transaction Description: Research Licence Fee






US Dollar Account

Bank: NCBA Bank
Branch: City Centre
Account Name: National Commission for Science, Technology and Innovation
Account Number: 1001467375
Swift Code: CBAFKENX
Transaction Description: Research Licence Fee






NOTE: Duration of the Research Licence : One year